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Census results to be released in April

The National Planning Commission has announced its plans to release and publish the preliminary results of the 2011 Namibia Population and Housing Census on 11 April 2012.
According to Sylvester Mbangu, acting permanent secretary at the National Planning Commission, the preliminary results will provide cursory insights into the changes that have taken place regarding population size and geographic distribution in Namibia since 2001, when the last census was conducted.
“This is the third census after independence in 1990, the first having been done in 1991. The Central Bureau of Statistics in the National Planning Commission implemented the census programme according to its mandate of providing official statistics to all stakeholders,” he said.
Mbangu added that the 2011 Census was executed in accordance with international standards, using appropriate technologies and expertise at all phases of the implementation.
“The census, being an enormous, complex and costly operation, was accomplished through concerted efforts of many stakeholders including government ministries and individuals who assisted in a variety of ways to prepare, collect, compile and publish the results,” he added.
The preliminary results will outline the total population of Namibia by sex and at regional and constituency level only. Full census results will be compiled after the data processing operations run their full course and will be released in early 2013.
The results will be available online at the following websites / and
The Population and Housing Census took place between 28 August and 15 September 2011.

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