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More meat in MEATMA

Oshakati resident, Johanna attended the opening of Meatco’s new MEATMA to savour some of the many specials offered on the opening day.

Meatco announced this week it has opened another MEATMA shop, this time in Oshakati at the Bonanza butchery. The opening festivities drew hundreds of shoppers delighting in the many specials on offer. This is Meatco’s third MEATMA shop and the success of the shops in Windhoek and Okahandja prompted the national meat producer to take its business to Oshakati too.

MEATMA is a complete range of quality value-added meat products produced by Meatco’s Local Markets and Value Addition department. MEATMA products are available to local Namibians at low prices.
Bonanza Butchery, situated on the Oshakati main road next to the old Santorini Hotel was revamped to house the new MEATMA. The standard range of MEATMA products include, a variety of braaiwors such as Beef Griller, Chakalaka, Fiesta, Legends, Babalaas and Barbeque. Also available are beef patties, beef mince, Chiefs Choice econo burgers, hindquarter leg, shin, club steak, matangara and many more.
The objective of MEATMA is to consistently provide the Namibian nation with a protein basket containing high quality products at family affordable prices. This initiative forms part of a wider Meatco market diversification strategy and is in support of the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s ‘Growth at Home’ focus which aims to diversify the economy and encourage local value addition and manufacturing. All MEATMA products are produced according to Meatco’s strict quality practices. MEATMA products will be available at the Bonanza/Meatma butchery on weekdays from 08h00 to 17h00 and on Saturdays from 08h00 to 13h00.
Meatco invited the public to the launch of MEATMA products which started on the 3rd of July and ends on 11 July. The public has the opportunity to taste MEATMA’s products as well as take part in activities such as Spin & Win and lucky draws.
The new MEATMA products are available at other retail shops namely Metro wholesale allowing both individuals and businesses to purchase the quality products produced by Meatco.

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