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Go and be the servants of this nation

The new recruits who will join the existing security complement of the Port of Walvis Bay recently completed their basic training. Earlier this week they were introduced to the public and also showed the new Port Security uniform for the first time.

Improving the operational efficiency of the security staff at the Namibian Ports Authority forms part of the current port expansion project.

This week, the newest security officers, who have just completed their basic training, joined the ranks of the existing security personnel. The new recruits also wore the new security uniform at their passing-out parade.
Namport CEO, Mr Bisey /Uirab said the authority realised there was a need to overhaul the security structure of the ports. “One of the very first things we did was to bring on board a senior person deeply familiar with security issues at all levels, our much valued Commissioner Festus Shilongo,” he explained.
This led to a turnaround strategy which rests on improved infrastructure, staff capacity, human resource optimisation, and enforcement.
Regarding the decision to introduce a new uniform,
/Uirab said, “Remember this uniform is the face you will be presenting to the port users. It is a symbol of a person in one of the highest positions of trust with a tremendous responsibility of protecting persons and property in the port. A person who is disciplined and wholeheartedly committed to act ethically, honestly and fairly, and maintain confidentiality where needed. Indeed, yours is a very honourable calling in life !”
The new security recruits represent various local communities. “We now also have members of the San, Ovatue and Ovatjimba communities on our security team. Young persons from these communities have been challenged and disadvantaged in the labour market for a long time. We trust that our accelerated training and development programme will inspire them to take advantage of growth opportunities and strive to achieve greater things. We want to enable these youngsters to fully integrate themselves into society so that they can participate at every level and so shape and have better control of their future and that of their families,” said /Uirab.
“We operate in a global environment where major international shipping liners call at our ports and where there are many perceived safety and security threats. Apart from modern and reliable infrastructure, efficiencies and productivity, more importantly we need to give our customers peace of mind that cargo, ships and people operate and work in a safe and secure environment in our ports. Remember, shipping lines endeavour to operate at minimal cost and risk. If we want to attract business to our port, the shipping lines and the cargo owners must have assurance that no additional costs will be incurred or lives put at risk,” he stated.

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