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ERP revolution hits Africa

Cloud ERP has officially arrived on the shores of Africa, sparking an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) revolution.

This was the message from Acumatica, a global provider of cloud business management platform and applications suite, when it recently announced its intentions to capture the ERP market in Africa.
At the recent launch, Acumatica’s President International Operations, Laurent Dedenis, said Acumatica is growing quickly and was thrilled to partner with the likes of One Channel. “Acumatica works with the most experienced Enterprise Resource Planning partners like One Channel. Such partners understand the value of cloud ERP and know how to best apply that value to maximise benefits for local business.”
“This market is growing at a rapid pace, according to International Data Corporation, more than 90% of new applications are built for the cloud. More importantly, SaaS revenue is growing five times faster than packaged software,” he said.
One Channel CEO Bernard Ford said, “This is the Enterprise Resource Planning revolution, involve everyone, anywhere and on any device. Acumatica allows companies to tailor their business management applications to fit their exact needs, no matter how specific their requirements. Acumatica empowers people. Your business isn’t confined to four walls, why should the people that impact your business be?”
“Acumatica is so far ahead of any competitor, capturing the African Enterprise Resource Planning market is merely a formality. We wanted to offer our customers more choice and we are seeing a huge demand for pure cloud solutions. Acumatica really impressed us with its core offering, licensing flexibility and partner friendly model. We are excited to introduce Acumatica into Africa,” he added.
Dedenis said unlike other Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning products, Acumatica orients on helping companies empower their employees. “For partners, mobility is yet another capability with which they can meet the needs of their customers while opening up new revenue streams. Successful companies know the value of having visibility and control over their business. Acumatica enables you to drive growth, manage costs, and be productive,” he said.

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