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Global recognition for popular bank app

Desery Van Wyk, Manager Cellphone Banking at FNB Namibia

The FNB Banking App is among the top ten banking apps worldwide and the best in Africa according to the bi-annual UX Masterclass conference held in Sydney, Australia in March this year.

The ranking was based on an international benchmark study that evaluated 40 banking apps from around the world. The FNB app was ranked No. 6.
FNB Namibia’s Manager Cellphone Banking, Desery van Wyk said they contribute 52% to the total for FNB International regarding the FNB App. “We know that the FNB Banking App for smartphones gives users an unparalleled user experience and we are proud of the award, which just goes to prove that FNB is achieving its primary goals of making advanced banking technology easy to use and to remove customer fear that arise from using app technology to do banking. It is the simplest, most convenient way to do anytime, anywhere banking from your smartphone.”
With this nimble app users can make, for example Geo Payments; make use of eWallet functionality; make payments (including once off payments); transfer funds between FNB accounts, view detailed balances and statements, add, edit, or delete recipients, send money to any Namibian cellphone number, make calls and send messages to other App users; buy Prepaid Electricity and Airtime and receive inContact messages.
The FNB Banking App works on Apple, Android (like HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and Huawei) and BlackBerry. Van Wyk said the FNB Banking App was used by 1.2 million active devices in South Africa and almost 12000 in Namibia. It is one the most popular apps on the South African app stores with more than 500,000 downloads from PlayStore alone.
“Innovation is key in delivering an app that competes at a global level. Continuous innovation in delivering new features and functions, dedicated focus per device platform, and a culture of keeping the customer first are what we attribute as our key drivers of excellence,” said Van Wyk.

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