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Who’s got the guts to sing in front of a live audience

FNB Corporate Marketer Sindano Nekundi presenting the sponsorship cheque of N$77,500 to Lize Ehlers (right) on behalf of the FNB Foundation and RMB Namibia. In the middle is ‘Sean K’ a Song Night performer.

For newcomers in the arts business it is often difficult to break the ice in front of a live audience. It is even more difficult when the singer has to perform his or her own songs.

The nagging question whether the audience will like either the song or the performance, is always there.
Rand Merchant Bank this week came to the rescue of aspiring performers by sponsoring the popular Song Night shows with an amount of N$77,500. Song Night has become established as a bi-monthly platform for performers, specifically singers who perform original songs in front of a live audience.
Steve Galloway, co-head of RMB Namibia said that RMB’s contribution, through the FNB Foundation, was in acknowledgement of their good work in contributing to the development of arts and culture through music.
“We all know how important arts and culture are in society. Not only do they play their part in contributing to the economy; they also create employment, make us proud of our people and their achievements, and preserve our heritage. We value the preservation of Namibia and its people and what they stand for and together we would like to support and encourage initiatives such as Song Night,” he said.
Song Night founder, Lize Ehlers thanked RMB Namibia for their contribution saying, “We are so proud to be a passionate and consistent developer of new Namibian musicmakers and also take our hats off to the seasoned musicmakers who support and use the Song Night platform.”
Steve Galloway and some RMB Namibia team members attended the June Song Night, cheering the debut of the FNB song sung by Bianca. The June Song Night turned out to be an epic evening of exchange, entertainment, magic and most of all great music! With stellar performances by local singers including legendary group Harmonic Messengers and former Big Brother housemate Permithias, the audience also greatly enjoyed a world-class performance by actor, dancer, singer and song-writer from Zimbabwe, Ba Shupi, the headline act, supported by the brilliant Savannah Afros band.

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