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Team Namibia appoints new board

The newly elected Team Namibia board of directors

Team Namibia held its Annual General Meeting, at the Windhoek Country Club & Resort on Tuesday under the theme “Local Procurement: A catalyst for Growth at Home”.

Speaking at the meeting, Chairperson of the Board, Taraa Shaanika announced his own resignation as well as that of Dixon Norval as Vice-Chairperson, Henry Feris, Karape Katjivive, Moses Shiikwa, Jaco Venter and Pauline Thomas as directors.
Six new board directors were elected on to the Team Namibia board of directors. The new board members are Nobert Wurm (Pick N Pay), Gideon Shilongo (re-elected director Ohlthaver & List), Peter Greeff (Etosha Fishing), Adelaide Shikongo (Oshinge Manufacturing), Robby Amadhila (Roama Gates Manufacturing), Danie Grobler (Plastic Packaging). The Team Namibia board is composed of 16 directors, serving a two-year term each.
Team Namibia is currently implementing its 3 year strategy to “create a sustainable competitive advantage for Namibian products and services”. Team Namibia has placed strategic focus on inspiring competitive standards, actively promoting local goods and services to create preference and purchase facilitating market access to stimulate SME growth and ultimately sustainable economic development.
Shaanika qualified Team Namibia’s strategic focus, sharing that ,“Through Team Namibia’s effort to grow local and foreign consumer markets, the increased demand for Namibian products and services increases output volumes, which should in turn necessitate business operations to expand and employ more Namibians. This enlarges the disposable income base and translates into increased demand. So at Team Namibia we dare to believe that Namibia can consume her way out of poverty.”
Outgoing Team Namibia Chief Executive Officer, Daisry Mathias, reported an 11% growth on membership, year ended December 31, 2014.
Mathias will step down from office on 15 July 2015 and Mrs Roberta da Costa has been announced as the new Team Namibia Chief Executive Officer.

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