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Bean counters invest in business education

Ten students received bursaries from SGA Chartered Accountants and Auditors for the 2015 academic year. The bursaries were awarded at a ceremony in 2014.

After nine years of supporting local students with bursaries, SGA Chartered Accountants and Auditors have invested more than N$ 11 million in bursaries for Namibians.

SGA said it has always invested heavily in the recruitment and training of Namibian people. This is supported by the bursaries (both for accounting related and various other areas) awarded to Namibian students since 2006, totalling in excess of N$11 million and averaging an annual total of over N$1.3 million for this year and the previous two years.
“Our staff and partners are all Namibians. Our staff is trained as Chartered Accountants, but even more importantly as accountants and business people which is relevant in Namibia. Exposure to our client base of close to 4000 clients in almost every possible facet of the economy and the fact that we still offer the part-time route to qualify, makes our training (“articles”) very popular to young people across Namibia,” said Martin du Plessis of SGA in a statement announcing the cumulative total of the investment in education.
“Since the training, accounting and auditing standards prescribed for all audit firms in Namibia, is based on international standards, we have found that this combination of internationally recognised standards and Namibian relevant audit, accounting and business training makes our staff sought after in the commercial sector in Namibia, but also elsewhere in the world,” he elaborated.
“We build our client service on Namibian based knowledge of an extremely high standard. This means that we need to invest heavily in Namibian skills and resources, which is scarce and therefore very expensive,” he said. SGA employs around 100 Namibians.

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