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Truckers symposium to reduce road carnage concluded

Various road safety partners held a symposium this week to engage the trucking industry on pertinent issues that emanated from the Trucker’s Road Safety Campaign.

The symposium was aimed at promoting self-regulation amongst the trucking industry as a pro-active measure to road safety.
Rosalia Martins-Hausiku, Chief Executive Officer, MVA Fund said that the meeting held with the trucking industry is a collaborative engagement to reduce carnage on the roads. “The commitment and willingness to improve the physical well-being of truck drivers and road worthiness of their trucks, will stabilize the number of deaths on our roads,” said Martins-Hausiku.
She urged all companies present to consider signing up to the Work Place Road Safety Policy which is aimed at instilling a road safety culture to both the drivers and operator. “And not just to sign it, but to commit themselves to improve road safety in our country,” she added.
Hon. Sankwasa James Sankwasa, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Works and Transport, represented Hon. Alpheus !Naruseb, Minster of Works and Transport at the symposium urged all the participants to reflect and consider establishing strict and detailed standards that trucking companies and their drivers must need.
“Government on the other hand will in consultation with the industries represented here, continue to develop inclusive road transport policies and regulations,” he said. He also added that road safety is not owned by government but is a collectively cause.
Laura Macleod-Katjirua, Governor, Khomos Region said that everyone is aware of the impact of road crashes and that the country is plagued by road deaths where at least one person is kill almost every day on the roads. “We all need to stand together, collaborate and execute the best possible interventions to make our roads safer,” she said.
She noted and commended the way the trucking industry is keen on improving their ways of working in order to ensure that not just their vehicles are road worthy but that their employees are well trained and are maintaining a healthy lifestyle to ensure that they, just like their trucks, are fit enough to be on the road.
The symposium was held in collaboration with the MVA Fund, Roads Authority, National Road Safety Council, Namibian Police, the City of Windhoek and the Walvis Bay Corridor Group.

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