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The Delight Swakopmund – an unexpected gem

The Delight Swakopmund is conveniently located close to the city centre and the beach promenade

The Delight Swakopmund which is set to open in November has been described as ‘an emotional experience, a breath of fresh air, an uplifting and inspiring space, a hotel that will be guaranteed to tickle you pink and make you smile.

For us the name and logo is symbolic of everything The Delight will stand for,’ according to Marketing advisor Donna-Rae Patricios who is in charge of brand and marketing matters.
Together with the Gondwana Collection Namibia’s team of directors, Mannfred Goldbeck: managing director, Alain Noirfalise: operations director and Jaco Visser: financial director, she is one of the leading minds behind the new hotel, The Delight Swakopmund.
Earlier in June Gondwana officially presented the hotel to 200 invited guests at a reception held at the Namibia Tourism Expo.
“The idea was born already five years ago, when we first started toying with the concept of building a hotel in Swakopmund,” said Noirfalise.
“Since Swakopmund is obviously very firmly embedded in the tourist trail in Namibia, we saw an opportunity to complete the traditional Gondwana route. Guests would travel from Namib Desert Lodge and continue to Damaraland or vice versa,” she added.
Swakopmund is a town of contrasts and therefore provides a host of very special experiences. City living surrounded by the solitude of the unspoilt Namib Desert, a spectacular array of thrilling activities from skydiving to dune boarding and deep-sea fishing plus the flair of historic German architecture spiced with the traits of Namibia’s many cultures.
“Have a story to tell is the essence of the Gondwana brand,” said Mannfred Goldbeck. “We give guests the chance to tell their own story or we tell them the story of Namibia and Gondwana. And how could we do that if we don’t include Swakopmund? We want to add to Namibia’s story and to the guest’s story, for them to take something back home,” he added.
“The Delight Swakopmund is located in the historic centre of the coastal town. The sights, shops and the beach are within easy walking distance and strolls around town are in fact part of the characteristic Swakopmund experience. The charming hotel boasts 44 bright double rooms with contemporary furnishings and 10 generously proportioned loft rooms for families. Scrumptious breakfasts will be served but no dinner,” said Noirfalise.
“We feel that Swakopmund is one of the places where visitors on a Namibia holiday really have the chance to go out for a change and choose their dinner location themselves. In Swakopmund they are spoilt for choice. They’ll have several dozen restaurants to explore and choose from within a walking distance of 5-10 minutes. There will always be somebody at the hotel’s reception in the lobby downstairs who can help with anything needed, be it a restaurant, a hairdresser or a souvenir shop. We also assist with restaurant reservations,” she added.
The Delight Swakopmund is Gondwana’s first accommodation establishment in an urban environment. Financial director Jaco Visser expects that not only tourists but also business travellers will become regular guests of The Delight. Even more so because the coastal economy is currently boosted by new mining operations in the vicinity of Swakopmund, the expansion of the port of Walvis Bay and youth projects in both coastal towns. Visser hopes that the new Gondwana hotel will become a main attraction.
“We would like to bring the lodge feeling to an urban area. Something that is very light, easy, friendly, without the stiffness that you often find in urban areas. And we will bring not only the culture of our lodges with us but also the culture of our people and the friendliness. We will really surprise people with an urban accommodation establishment that will take their breath away,” said Visser.

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