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“We want change”

Strike-004Employees of the Kalahari Sands Hotel & Casino again brought business at the 4-star hotel to a stand still on Thursday, after their managers failed to adhere to a petition delivered to them last week. One of the disgruntled workers, Kenneth Kaveta, who is a cleaner in the kitchen department, said that they were treated unfairly at work and that the situation has been ongoing since 2010. Kaveta complained that the management did not own up to its word of housing allowances and promotions. He further said the workers are unable to support their families as they get poor salaries. “We want change, said Kaveta, “we are tired of management always wanting us to listen to them when they do not want to listen to us.” The workers said that things got worse when general manager Rudie Putter came into office. Putter is allegedly rude and inhumane and even told the workers to eat out of dustbins. He has been in the management position for over a year. Putter refused to address the workers on Thursday, 22 March. The workers, accompanied by police officers, went to his office in search of answers. Putter finally agreed to have a closed door meeting with the group’s shop steward and union representatives. (Picture): Employees of the Kalahari Sands Hotel & Casino during their second demonstration on Thursday. (Photograph by Johanna Ileka)

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