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Xaris above board says MD

The energy project under way in Walvis Bay to generate 250 Megawatts of power, primarily for the local market, is completely above board, according to Hennie Steyn, managing director of the project developer firm, Xaris Energy.

“We have deemed it necessary to reiterate the ethical and legal standing of this project as reports continue to surface in the press that may mislead the public and other interested and affected stakeholders,” said Steyn.
Steyn said the Walvis Bay energy generation project, from conception to beginning of execution, had been conducted with the highest level of transparency and integrity. “We have nothing to hide,” he added.
Furthermore, in the interest of transparency, the team has launched a digital platform accessible to all interested parties that details the project path, including the project history, rationale, funding arrangements, project partners as well as the Namibian government’s financial exposure, accessible through a portal by following the link: he explained.
“We are disappointed to learn that cabinet officials have been named in media reports as the people behind comments that are devoid of truth and utterly unsubstantiated,” said Steyn.
Steyn said that NamPower, a potential equity partner in the project, had signed off on the project and was satisfied that the process, including the appointment of Xaris Energy through a highly publicised tender, was above board and completely beyond reproach. Steyn said he was saddened to learn of the existence of parties who would like to see the Walvis Bay energy project derailed for the apparent purpose of furthering alternative agendas.
“These individuals have regrettably placed their interests ahead of the interests of the Namibian economy and its people. The campaign to discredit the Walvis Bay energy project is both short-sighted and without merit,” said Steyn.

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