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Moped kitchen serves Katutura take aways

Jerobeam Haifete or Shabala as he is known is the owner of his self-modified bicycle / motorbike mobile kitchen. (Photograph by Jenny Sitole)

Jerobeam Haifete is a 25-year old entrepreneur that is the owner of what he loves to describe as Namibia’s first ever mobile kitchen. Haifete sells take ways from a combination bicycle / motorbike which is also the first of its kind. This contraption, reminiscent of a sixties moped, Haifete said he modified and built himself.

The young businessman roams the streets of Katutura selling his food at very affordable prices to accommodate everyone.
All during the meeting for the interview with Haifete, both children and adults paused to browse or buy from this young entrepreneur’s uniquely designed mobile kitchen. It even sports a music player, a feature which advertises his presence and helps to draw more customers.
He is well known around Soweto market which is Katutura’s largest flee and supermarket as he is the only one that sells food from a moped.
“I completed my matric in 2009 and since then I have been struggling to get a job and I realised I had to come up with something to survive. That’s when the idea first came to my mind that I had to sell food but in a unique way that would be different from all other take away enterprises. My price range is also affordable as I want everyone to be able to buy my food. I always say “eat more and pay less” which also happens to be my slogan for the mobile kitchen” said Haifete.
He has taken a risk and it has worked for him as he makes sales of at least N$500 on a daily basis. On a good day which is usually at the end of the month, it can be up to N$2000. The young entrepreneur also delivers food to his clients especially those that have been loyal to him since he started operating in 2014.
“I have always been business minded as I used to sell sweets and nik naks since I was a boy at school although I never really had any form of training. I realised that the demand for food is high and would always be high as it is a basic need but I asked myself how I could be different and I saw a gap in the market, grabbed it and it has been sustaining me and my family ever since” continued Haifete
The entrepreneur has big future plans for his business as he would love to expand it by designing more modified mobile fast food kitchens and employing the youth that are struggling to get jobs. Haifete says that he can only achieve this dream if he had financial support from big companies that will also enable him to expand his business to all other regions in the country.

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