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Find your way with pocket guide app

Head of FNB’s Tourism division, Christo Viljoen described the new travel app as a welcome innovation by the sector’s role players and a necessary initiative for data collection and improving service standards.

The Tourism Expo served as the launch platform for an exciting new app with a high utility value for tourists. It offers local establishments and tourism operators the opportunity to ensure they also feature on the radar of targeted marketing initiatives.

Called the FNB Namibia Pocket Guide, this small but useful app is supported and distributed by the bank’s Tourism division. It was initially created for use by participants at the Adventure Travel World Summit in 2013, but once it became proprietory to the bank, it has gone through major modifications and extra features before made available to the rest of the Namibian public and to foreign tourists.
“Once you download the FNB Namibia Pocket Guide app, it enables a person to search for the best experiences Namibia has to offer, be it the location of a tourist attraction, places to see, restaurants to eat at or pubs and bars to enjoy a drink. It also includes camping sites, luxurious resorts and hotels for your accommodation needs, while enabling you to share your pictures of rare bird sightings and interesting natural scenes on the app” said Head of FNB’s Tourism division, Christo Viljoen.
The app has had an ‘I-Rate’ feature installed enabling the users of tourism services to rate any facility unhindered by any other consideration. The Pocker Guide also provides automatic links to emergency numbers and maps of Namibia for the traveller’s convenience. “All with the goal of helping establishments grow and improve on their offering and customer service levels to the benefit of developing national tourism” said Viljoen.

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