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Geingos, MTC’s next Master of Success

Proudly Namibian for a Namibian audience, the first lady Mrs Monica Geingos is the perfect candidate for the third Master of success.

The next guest on MTC’s inspirational talk show Masters of Success is our very own first lady, Mrs Monica Geingos, who has entrenched herself in Namibian business circles over the last decade.

“We are very excited to have our First Lady as the first Namibian on the talk show. I know that our people have been yearning to see a Namibian on the show and we did implore for patience. Our First Lady is a remarkable individual and those planning to attend the show can look forward to nothing but pure inspiration” said Tim Ekandjo.
Not only is Mrs Geingos the first lady but she is known for her business pioneership. She is the Director and minority shareholder of Stimulus, Pointbreak and Ebank. As a consequence of becoming First Lady, she has relinquished her full time role as Managing Director of Stimulus and has also resigned from the public and private sector Boards on which she served.
Mrs Geingos previously worked for an Investment Bank where she headed advisory services and advised on the structuring and financing of Black Economic Empowerment transactions as well as management and leveraged buy-outs. Corporate finance activities also fell under her portfolio which included capital raising activities as well as the underwriting of mergers, acquisitions and disposals.
Namibia’s first lady was the perfect inspiration for the third Masters of Success as she is home brewed. She previously served as chairperson of several boards in both the public and private sector and had directorships that spanned in different sectors. She has proven that women can be just as competitive and successful as their male counterparts in the male dominated business sector.
Mrs Geingos is a force to be reckoned with, she has received numerous merit awards, including, the Namibia Chamber of Commerce award as the ‘Namibian Business Personality of the Year’, the ‘Most Innovative Entrepreneur’ award from the University of Potchestrstroom (South Africa) and Polytechnic of Namibia. She is also a member of the Crans Montana Forum of global young leaders and a recipient of the Fortune 500 Global Women’s Mentoring Programme. The first lady is also a laureate of the Namibian Business Hall of Fame. The Former President of the Republic of Namibia, H.E Pohamba, awarded her National Honours for “Most Distinguished Order of Namibia” for outstanding contribution to the socio-economic development of Namibia.
The First Lady will make her much anticipated appearance on Namibia’s premier talk show on the 30th of June. Tickets are available at the NTN box office and are for free so the public is once again encouraged to come in numbers as these distinguished guest are here to encourage and motivate Namibians in a time when Namibia’s morale and patriotism has declined.

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