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Trustco apologises for game show error

A total of 335 participants of Winna Mariba who were not entitled to prizes, received incorrect messages informing them that they had won  cash prizes on Monday 19 March.
Legal Shield immediately sent out further text messages to the 335 participants identified advising these participants of the error.
Annette Brand, head of Trustco’s Insurance Businesses, said: “I sincerely apologise on behalf of Legal Shield to all affected participants. Winning participants in possession of the winning code, BUSINESS22VRCK, details will be published in the press as usual, and are encouraged to contact Legal Shield at any of our regional branches to claim their prizes.”
Jan Jones, head of Trustco’s Insurance and Technology segment, said that even if technology systems are of world class, if wrong data is entered, a wrong result is achieved.
“This is the age old adage of: garbage in – garbage out,” he said.
Quinton van Rooyen, managing director of the Trustco Group, said: “The Trustco Group is always looking out to assist younger and inexperienced employees and often acts as a springboard for their future careers. However, where humans and technology meet, it is the human that determines the outcome. Winna Mariba has been running as a hassle free fun programme for many years with the sole aim of rewarding our paid-up members. The next Winna Mariba season will start soon and will offer new and exciting opportunities for members.”
Since 2005, a total amount of N$16 Million has been paid out to paid-up participants of the Winna Mariba Game Show by Legal Shield.
In the past 18 weeks alone, Winna Mariba, which has participation of approximately 113 000 members weekly, has resulted in winnings totalling N$4.5 Million. Legal Shield winners also contributed an amount of 10% of their winnings to 17 various charities.
The last show of Winna Mariba for this season will be aired on NBC Television on 26 March 2012.
A draw took place on Winna Mariba on Monday 19 March 2012 at approximately 19h55. A winning code, BUSINESS22VRCK, was drawn. A total amount of N$250 000 was won by 8 participants with this code.
In Winna Mariba, usually only participants who had a matching code to the winning code would be advised that they qualified for various cash prizes.
Unfortunately, due to human error, the Winna Mariba software system incorrectly commenced sending SMS messages to each participant of Winna Mariba on 19 March 2012 informing them that they had won a cash prize.

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