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Punishment for water wastage

Joshua Amukugo, Spokesperson, City of Windhoek asking residents to save water and that if they do not they will be fined. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni).

The City of Windhoek (CoW) has been going through a water crisis because of the insufficient or no inflow in to the NamWater surface reservoirs, and because of this The City has decided to enforce drastic measures to save water in Windhoek, they announced on 9 June.

Joshua Amukugo, Spokesperson, City of Windhoek said that despite all interventions by The City only about 5.7% water savings has been achieved for the month of April 2015. “As a result of this we are introducing new penalty tariffs brackets on high consumptions, meaning that if you consume more than 50 cubic meters per month at domestic level, you will be charged.” announced Amukugo.
He said if the water saving target is not achieved in three months time, The City’s last resort will be to introduce water rationing and the intervals will be communicated in this regard, and no mercy will be shown. Amukugo also stated that The City is supposed to have 15% water consumption saving and to achieve this, residents must cut down on their consumption by using their water meter readings monthly to calculate their consumption and reduce consumption to 85% or less of their current usage. Amukugo called for the residents’ to assist them to enforce compulsory swimming pool covers, adding that random inspections shall be carried out and clients not complying will be fined and that all car wash businesses should not wash cars with hose pipes but rather with buckets. Amukugo also advised residents to only water their gardens once a week, to wash only full loads of clothing, to shower instead of bathing tubs and to fix leaking toilets and other plumbing fixtures. “It should be well noted that in order to enforce these measures, our water inspectors and City Police will do random monitoring and if found contravening these measures, you will be fined,” concluded Amukugo

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