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Ohorongo cross borders

( From left to right) Paulo Francois, Malakidi Zola, Benjamin Hauwanga (BH Motorspares), Leonorita Moller (Ohorongo Cement Logistics), Antonio Matos, Petrus Enkali (Enkali Transport). (Photograph contributed)Ohorongo Cement ensured a regular influx of foreign capital into Namibia, by having successfully exported the first bulk cement to the south of Angola on 12 March.
The first bulk cement load was delivered by bulk tanker to Santa Clara, Angola.
The project promises a total tonnage of about 30,000 metric tons of cement to be exported until the end of 2012, which equates to approximately 1000 loads of bulk cement.
This is an agreement between Mr Benjamin Hauwanga, owner of BH Motorspares, and his customer, CFRL, Santa Clara.

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