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Windhoek Flora under new manageress

Windhoek Flora, a flower shop which has been in existence since the 90’s is under new management. In the picture are the shop Florist Poppy Gaomas, New Manageress Annebelle Van Zyl Klein, Flippie De Vries ,Diana Eises and the oldest working colleague Anna Oorlam. Photograph By Jenny Sitole

Windhoek Flora was opened 18 years ago by Gisela Ludwig who had a passion for flowers and was determined to start a business to sustain her family. Ludwig herself was a florist assistant for 20 years during the colonial era. She opened her own shop after independence.

Windhoek florist had a unique style of floral arrangements back then that made Ludwig’s business popular amongst the city residents.
Fast forward to 2015, the business is still in it’s full operational mode with Ludwig’s daughter, 26 year old Annebelle Van Zyl Klein as the florist shop’s new owner. Since the passing of Ludwig, the shop has tried to stick to the original way Ludwig ran things but, with a modern twist.
“I took over the shop as my mom invested everything she had into what you see here today, and even though I was not into the whole flower business my intention was to continue with my mom’s legacy when I took over not only for my children but hopefully theirs as well,” said Klein.
Since it opened, Windhoek Flora has been affiliated with Interflora, which is the leading floral relay brand and the world’s most recognised and trusted brand that enable clients to send or order flowers all over the world.
“Flowers are still relevant and sentimental today as they were back then, we get clients coming here on a Monday wanting to order a bunch of flowers with ranges which can go up to N$ 200 to 500 depending on how big the bunch is and we will know that he did something major wrong, or we will get a call from a client that wants to surprise their spouse with roses. As florist we receive orders for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, conferences and weddings, the list goes on” stated Klein.
Klein said that,just like any other business, they also have challenges especially since she’s still new to the flower industry and has to compete with the other florist shops in the city. Klein boasted that she is one tough nail and will not be phased by competition as she wants to focus on ways to expand the florist shop that currently also has a store in Rehoboth.
Windhoek Flora receive their flowers fresh from Johannesburg every two weeks with Chrysanthemums and roses, specifically red roses being the most popular flowers to order amongst city dwellers. Klein continues to maintain good relationships with her mother’s previous clients who boosts the florist. She knows her clients on a personal level and knows exactly what they want even before they place an order. It is through strengthening these relationships that Windhoek Flora has managed to successfully run and keep the shop open since the passing of Ludwig.

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