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Polytechnic’s best Journalism second year student

Moses Kandjeni Shuuya is one ambitious student that is determined to be a master of success not only within the communications sector but also in management.

The zealous student walked away with the a hefty cash price money at the recent award ceremony of Polytechnic for his exceptional hard work in his second year studies in Journalism and Communications.
“When the opportunity arose for me to study journalism and communication in 2013 I took the chance with both hands as it opened doors for me as an intern to work with the prominent Cash Net enterprise as a marketer and a public relation officer for the companies website and social media. It also gave me the opportunity to work for Polytechnic as Business Simulation facilitator,” said Shuuya.
This is not Shuuya’s first degree, as in 2006 he attained a degree in Entrepreneurship. The assertive 29 year old is not intimidated by hard work and is not about to slow down. Currently Shuuya is pursuing his online masters in Management in Science, through hard work Shuuya has proven one can achieve anything.
“It was not always easy getting to were I am now, I remember the dark days when I was a freshmen from the North back in 2005 I could not speak English well and I could barely keep up with paying my tuition fees, at times I would be forced to walk from Katutura just to attend my lectures. For you to get somewhere one must work hard for it there are no handouts I deserve everything I have because I have earned and worked hard for it,” he added.
Growing up with only his grandfather in the North Shuuya knew what he wanted from the get go and was inspired to work hard and achieve good grades within a space of 10 years. Today he has reaped the benefits of his hard work with a degree already under his belt and a masters under way.
“The youth should avoid falling into the trap of quick success because it does not last, success is earned with no short cuts towards achieving it,” Shuuya added.

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