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Polytechnic’s best first year communications student

Cathy Amutenya is a 19 year old second year Communications student at Polytechnic she also recently triumphed above her peers when she won the Best First Year Communications student price earlier this year.

Amutenya was born and raised in the North with her mom and two sisters and a father that works for the military. The second year communications student said she was the shy girl who was always a shadow amongst the rest of her peers back in high school, but when she started studying communications she broke free from her shyness.
“I was surprised that I actually won the award for the best first year communications student as I was actually going through I rough patch with my mum having to bear the strain of paying me and my sisters education. I was struggling to find decent accommodation as we did not know Windhoek and we were struggling to manage to get a loan,” said Amutenya.
Despite Amutenya’s struggles she emerged at the top of her league as she knew what she wanted and took her education seriously never forgetting her mom’s strict morals that she grew up with.
“If you have a dream work hard,protect it never give up on it and don’t let anyone tell you will never make it. Life will be tough but do not let the failure define you as it is through these tough times we emerge as the best,” said Amutenya.
The communications students future looks bright as she wants to complete her degree and hopefully she will further her studies in the United Kingdom at the University Of Cambridge. She would love to work for UNESCO when she is done with her practicals next year.

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