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Minister urges farmers to stay out of Etosha

The Minister of Environment and Tourism Hon. Pohamba Shifeta this week called on farmers in close proximity to the Etosha National Park to discontinue grazing in the park, warning farmers that his ministry has the authority to kill domestic animals found in protected areas.

The minister made the remarks to discourage farmers from allowing their livestock to graze with wildlife, citing it as a control measure in the fight against foot and mouth disease.
He said, “In view of the current outbreak of foot and mouth disease it is very important that livestock does not graze in the Etosha National Park with wildlife. This control measure is also important for wildlife management and tourism.”
Nature Conservation Ordinance, 01975 (4 of 1975) makes provision for game rangers to kill animals trespassing in Namibia’s game parks and nature reserves with the consent of the Minister. Pleaded Shifeta, “It is not the wish of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to kill livestock and therefore I would like to urge all farmers and communities to ensure that no livestock is allowed to graze in the Etosha National Park.”

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