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A woman of substance

Back row staff members of Sunshine Home Pensive, Efe Pote, Joana, Elinah, Fransiska, and Tabitha with the junior group that board at the home. Front row (Photograph by Jenny Sitole)

Efe Agbamu Pote a mother of three, wife and business woman is a true epitome of women holding their own in terms of business as she owns Sunshine Home, an after care facility as well as a transportation company in Windhoek.

To top it off, Pote owns Premier Academy which is also an after school assistance educational programme for grade 10 to 12 learners and repeaters.
Pote’s passion for children and the need to take care of them comes from her difficult upbringing as she herself came to a foreign country when she was at a young age. Pote saw a gap in the market that she could fill by opening a safe home quality service that caters for children exclusively in the after care and boarding facility market.
“I started off with one child from Angola in Windhoek West in 2010 with only one furnished bedroom a VW Kobbie which I was driving and one teacher. I used to do everything on my own at first and it was very challenging but my faith helped me through and by the second year Sunshine Home started to gain momentum as the number of children increased and I had to hire more staff this was the beginning of even more to come,” said Pote.
To date the boarding home has relocated to a modest suburban home with a swimming pool in Eros which caters to almost 30 students and has seven employees that work for the boarding home. The boarding home also has a certified fitness certificate from the city of Windhoek making the haven a legitimate safe reliable home based boarding for children from 13 to 16 years of age.
“There are still challenges that we face to date like the recent legal tender issue for the first three months of the year when a parent in Angola could not get the money through to Namibia and I had to sacrifice my own money while I had my own bills to be pay. As cliche as it sounds I could really not have made it without God. Running a business one must be strong and willing to fight and we as business women at times feel like throwing in the towel but don’t give up never give up, “said Pote.
Pote used to work for Alliance Media before she opened Sunshine home which is an outdoor media company from there she left the company to start her own advertising company known as Eshisha Media Network which she ran from 2004 to 2009.
Not only is Pote a strong willed God fearing businesswomen that have made it against all odds. She is also an athlete that cross fits and makes it a point to run the two oceans marathons yearly that take place in Cape town South Africa.
Pote believes women must find that balance and for one to be able to do so they must be physically and mentally fit as well as being able to carry out their womanly duties as much as they are businesswomen. Meanwhile Pote said she continues to push herself to the limit as she does not want to be stuck in a box.

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