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Trans-woman living her life

Andile Sidman, a trans-woman knew she was different from the age of four and she has big dreams for herself.

Even though Andile Sidman was born a man, she knew she was trapped in the wrong body since the tender age of four and intended to make it right when she grew up.

Transsexual individuals in the country have often been discriminated against and rarely accepted by their community and family, but it has been a very different story for Andile because her transition from male to female has made her very happy, because of her family’s support.
“My support structure has been amazing in every aspect of my life, be it with family, employment or socially. I would say that I am the lucky few who live a privileged life and I am grateful and humbled by it every day,” she emphasised.
She said she has always known that she was unique but her first memory was around the time she was four years old. “I am inspired by my family, friends and other Trans-women, and even though I have always expected negativity, I have been blessed to have a phenomenal support group and it also helps if you keep your social circle small,” she added.
In the future she hopes to obtain a Masters Degree in Taxation, own her own house, do another stage production and to travel and take more risks in her life, but most importantly she hopes to become a mother someday. “I am a lover of life, easy going and a die hard romantic to my fault,” said Andile.
She advised other Transgender individuals to make the right decision for them, she can be difficult when you are entirely dependent on your family, but if they feel entirely confident tell them or do wait it out like she did. The sky is the limit for Andile Sidman and she just wants to live her life like its golden.
Meanwhile Namibia has a history lacking laws supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender citizens (LGBT) while sodomy is illegal in Namibia and is punishable with prison time.

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