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Consumer technology likely to grow this year

The overall global demand for consumer technology is likely to grow this year.
This is according to the Telecommunications, Media and Technology 2012 prediction report by Deloitte Touche, presented in Windhoek last week.
The report states that consumer technology has many reasons to perform well in 2012, even in markets with little growth, declining incomes and rising prices.
“Spending on consumers in 2012 may also be stronger than expected due to a structural shift in priorities. A growing number of individuals, across all regions, may be placing more emphasis on purchasing, owning and enjoying technology than ever before,” reads the report.
The report further mentions that a record number of smart phones and tablet computers are likely to be purchased and more computers of all descriptions are likely to be bought.
The report also predicts that by the end of 2012, over 80% of all wireless traffic going over short range connections will likely be data and the volume of data carried over those connections will  have doubled year-on-year. In addition, “big data” is expected to experience accelerating growth and market penetration.
Taken that the telecommunications, media and technology industry is changing rapidly, the report also contains a detailed outlook on the expected outcomes in the industry, says Jens Kock, partner at Deloitte Touche at the presentation of the report.
The report is compiled with the aim to provide guidance on trends for 2012. It highlights the performance of products and services in the telecommunications, media and technology sector.

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