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Gaming company sets high goals

Ervin Kahorere, the other half of Level 27, a Gaming, Tech & Media company, that is planning to take the industry by storm.

Ervin Kahorere and Sebastian Goliath are two young entrepreneurs who took the leap and started their own company, Level 27, a Gaming, Tech & Media company based at Bradley Square in Windhoek’s Khomasdal suburb. They offer gaming, printing, internet, web design, general design and other graphic-related services to a range of clients in the capital.

Ervin said he was that kid people would go to, to get something fixed, a technical task done or to find a solution to a problem. “I am influenced by various innovators across the globe, such as Steve Job,” he said. As his counterpart, Sebastian is an aspiring journalist with the dreams of conquering the world, just like Namibia’s golden girl, Michelle McLean.
They are in the top five of the NBII Innovation Competition and are getting business mentorship from professionals. They have also secured an internet service contract with Telecom Namibia. “But nothing can top coming up with Level 27, a business concept that erupted from collective interests to a reality that we now live and breathe,” they said.
They advise that entrepreneurs should master that one thing their business is good at and maximise it perfectly. “Respect and abide by your weekly milestones, make sure you achieve at least 80% of what you promised to achieve and put in overtime all the time,” advised Ervin while Sebastian added that it takes more than what you budgeted for initially, therefore you have to be overly dedicated.
They state that getting clients is harder as a start-up, and there are times clients will approach them with a job without upfront payment only to back out in the last minute. “But we have figured a way around that thanks to the good mentorship of the good people at the NBII village,” they said. The lack of internet services has been a major setback because the Tech and Gaming services require internet to be fully operational.
They plan to open 26 Level 27 branches in Namibia and across the entire SADC in the respective communities where their services are needed. “We are also planning on launching an e-commerce platform called ‘Sell It Namibia’ soon which will help take companies and SME’s to join the ever growing internet of things.
The two young entrepreneurs are in the process of opening their second Level 27 branch at the moment.

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