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An apple a day against cancer

Marlize Horn, Executive Officer: Marketing and Corporate Communication Services at Bank Windhoek and Rolf Hansen, newly appointed CEO of the Cancer Association at the Cancer Apple launch on Monday.

The 2015 edition of the Cancer Apple Project was launched this week by Bank Windhoek in association with the Cancer Apple Foundation. This very successful wellness project has been running for 15 years.

It is part of the Cancer Association Of Namibia’s annual fundraising campaign for treatment of cancer patients. Last year alone, the project raised N$11.8 million.
According to the World Health Organisation, the number of cancer cases jumped by 9 million individuals last year. Most vulnerable are women with breast and cervical cancer.
“Even though there has been an increase in cancer statistics the cancer awareness campaigns and projects similar to the Cancer Apple project help us detect the virus at an early stage, as the public have become more receptive to being tested for cancer. Early cancer detection can curb the spread of cancer and save lives” said the newly appointed CEO of the Cancer Association, Rolf Hansen.
The cost of basic cancer treatment runs from N$10,000 to N$30,000 therefore the Cancer Association is not able to assist all the cancer patients solely from their own reserves. Hence the Oncology centre continues to reach out to business enterprises for financial support to treat cancer patients and, in some cases, to support their families.
“The Association is working to create more awareness campaigns and we urge the support of the public and all business enterprises through the Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project which has made a meaningful and lasting impact in the lives of the cancer patients throughout the 15 years since its launch” stated Hansen.
The apples are sold since the beginning of this week at schools and Bank Windhoek branches. The project runs until 03 July 2015.

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