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Army undergoes Explosive Ordnance Disposal training

The Namibian Defence Force (NDF) is conducting an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) level-one training program led by the United States navy mobile unit in Otavi.

The purpose of the program is to strengthen Namibia’s institutional capabilities by training future instructors to identify threats including landmines, detectors, air-dropped bombs and missiles.
Captain Zakanjangua Korukuve, who conducts the training, said the aim is to establish an EOD institution in Namibia where Namibia Defence Forces soldiers can be trained instead of sending them overseas to acquire EOD skills. “The plan is to be able to train our people in the country. Skills acquired through the training, with help from the United .States. government, will enable us to establish an EOD school where soldiers will be trained in the future,” explained Korukuve.
United States EOD1 trainer Peter Chambers said the training is vital for Namibia as solders will be required to handle explosives when in combat zones. The 30-day training, which includes theoretical and practical work, allows soldiers to identify and destroy different munitions and chemicals that they have never used.
“They are also taught how to set up detonators and how to keep safe during an explosion ordnance incident. This is all done at a demolition demonstration range, using certified materials and equipment,” said Chambers.
Chambers, however, explained that the most important aspect of the program is to ensure that soldiers understand the reason for the training and that they are able to highlight top safety measures during threat situations or when a threat is within close proximity of people and buildings.

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