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Women must stop this ‘PHD syndrome’

It has always been the perception that women do not get along with women, that it is difficult to work with women, and that women always put each other down and that jealousy is the order of the day.

There is even a name for it and its called, ‘Put Her Down Syndrome’ (PHD), yes people this is real. This syndrome does not discriminate, whether you are old, poor, rich, fat or thin, one way or another everyone goes through this or has been through it.
Because I am an optimist, I hope from all these women conferences, women workshops, women breakfast’s that we as women treat each other better and uplift each other rather than trying to break each other down.
For the past three months I have been going to events where women come together to celebrate each other, encourage and inspire each other and I really felt inspired and motivated after leaving.
This kind of solidarity from Namibian women gives me hope that we can get over this ‘PHD’ syndrome that women have. But some women are still so pessimistic they make comments like, it is in our blood as women to be mean to each other, or women can never work together because we are to emotional, etc. The excuse we make to keep on putting down other women is just so pathetic, it is evident that the moment we leave these events that are supposed to unite us, we forget all we learned and how we were inspired. THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY.
Do not get me wrong I am not a saint I do my own share of bashing or judging a woman that I do not even know, but I am trying to change and I am a work in progress. I pet myself on the shoulder every time my friends start being mean to a girl I stop them from doing that.
How can you just decide, because she has got longer ‘brazilians’ then she is a hoe, then you got the nerve to say, “the longer the brazilians the nastier the b*@%$”, you the nasty one.”
Rather learn from each others strengths and help each other in your shortcomings, this countries future is so bright and it can get even brighter if women stand together and build a nation that we can be proud of.
One other scene that has become too familiar is when two women fight over a man. Why you fighting each other? You should be fighting him because he is the one who lied and cheated on both y’all. It does not make sense at all, I just can’t comprehend.
I hope this solidarity that is becoming popular amongst the women becomes the norm, because if we do not start respecting each other, men definitely will not.
A quote that really touches my heart and inspires me is by, Nawal El-Saadawi, author of The Hidden Face of Eve; Women in the Arab World that says “Solidarity between women can be a powerful force of change, and can influence future developments in ways favourable not only to women but also to men.”
The great things we can achieve if we stand together, be good to each other and try to change, our homes, communities, nation and the world for the better.
I am very impressed with the women who are independent and trying not listen to the world when they say you can’t do it. Go out there ‘sista’ and get what’s yours and show the world, what you are made off.
Yes ‘sista’ love do your thing and help a ‘sista’ out that you see is going through a tough time and needs a little push, kind words or up lifting hand in the right direction. One relationship that really inspires and motivates me is the one between Oprah and Iyanla Vanzant, I won’t go in to the details (go google) ,but these women had a fall out, but they managed to set aside their differences and now they both seem more powerful than ever and more centered than ever.

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