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Hoffmann secures two medals

Oliver Hoffmann was highly successful at the South Grand

Up and coming shooter Oliver Hoffmann made waves at the South African Shooting Grand in Johannesburg a fortnight ago. The 15-year old from Windhoek secured a gold medal in the Mackintosh category, while also winning a silver medal in the ATA division.

Competing in the under 20 Category, the debutant scored 288/300 during the Mackintosh event.
Mackintosh, measured according to the DTL regulations, is an international event which is especially popular in the Commonwealth nations of New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, Ireland, South Africa and Canada.
If the target is hit with one shot, the participant scores three points. The second shot earns him two, while a double miss brings no points at all.
Hoffmann’s score therefore means that he only missed a total three targets while also hitting three only the second time around, thus giving him a total score of 288 of a maximum of 300. This is a remarkable achievement, considering it was the first time Hoffmann participated in this event and against vastly experienced competition from the local clubs in South Africa.
His silver medal came courtesy of another top-notch performance, this time in the ATA category. Here the shooters fire at 200 targets, gaining a single point per hit. The Namibian scored 183, missing a mere 17 pigeons.
Eager to build on this success, the Clay Target Shooting Association (CTSA) of Namibia will be sending Hoffmann to a youth training camp in Italy soon, where he will be exposed to some of the best coaches in the world, according to the CTSA. The camp will focus on teaching him the most important skills in shotgun shooting such as technical aspects, psychology and fitness.

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