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New wheels for AfriCat Foundation

Pupkewitz stakeholders donated a NP300 hard body vehicle to AfriCat to help them educate children and communities in rural areas on conserving Namibia’s big cats and environmental issues. In the picture are Mauriza Fredericks: Pupkewitz, Mrs Helen Newmark and Mrs Kathleen Newton: AfriCat, Mrs Meryl Barry: The Pupkewitz Foundation, Ms Kirsti Nghidinwa: The Ministry Of Environment and Tourism, Mr Ekkerd Van Wyk: MD of Pupkewitz Motor Division and The Chairman of Pupkewitz Motors, Mr Junior Bruwer (Photograph By Jenny Sitole)

The AfriCat Foundation this week received a generous donation in the form of a Nissan NP300 worth N$163,900 from the Pupkewitz foundation.

The vehicle was donated to AfriCat in support of their contribution to conserve the big cats through educating scholars and the community through their Environmental Education Programme.
The vehicle will be used as AfriCat’s main transportation that will enable the organisation to keep raising awareness and educating the children in rural communities of the importance of preserving the fauna and flora of Namibia,especially the children that are unable to to visit the education centres in Okonjima.
“The AfriCat Environmental Education Programme aims to inform and empower the Namibian youth of the importance of conserving these large carnivores and Namibia’s natural heritage. Educating the youth in Environmental Education is a vital long term tool that will help preserve these carnivores.” said Mrs Helen Newmarch, Project Coordinator of The AfriCat Foundation.
The Pupkewitz Foundation through their Vehicle Assistance Programme, support initiatives concerning environmental education and wildlife conservation.
“The Nissan NP300 was the most pragmatic vehicle to donate in context with the AfriCat Foundation. Due to the vehicle’s astounding load capacity of 1359 kg, it is derived from it’s quality to be a commercial vehicle. The operational area of the vehicle will be extensive, as it will be employed in the open velds for the organisation to continue excelling in conservation and educational engagements that will contribute to the prevention of extinction and wildlife crime of these animals” stated Mrs Meryl Barry Chief Strategic Officer of the Pupkewitz Foundation.
Meanwhile the Pupkewitz vehicle assistance programme has generously donated a quarter of a million in the form of posters and educational material to schools countrywide. The Pupkewitz Foundation still have a charitable 4 million to donate to organisations making a difference to Namibian lives. The Pupkewitz Foundation recognizes that government cannot solely be responsible for developing Namibia without the private sectors that can add much more value in supporting the government in developing the nation.

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