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SBS hosts successful study week

Distance learning Southern Business School students attended a week long face-to-face workshop in Windhoek. The workshop allowed the students to meet and interact with other students and lecturers.

Southern Business School Namibia hosted its by-annual study week sessions. This event brought its students from across the regions to Windhoek. A total of more than 300 students converged in Windhoek for face to face workshops, seminars and lectures and to meet and greet their fellow students.

Albin Jacobs, Director of SBS Namibia said, “Southern Business School Namibia provides opportunities for people to study at their own pace, at their own convenience, ensuring it fits in with their lifestyle. This Study Week, with highly respected lecturers is truly an experience for our students.”
According to the distance learning institute, these face to face sessions serve as an opportunity for students to come together to meet and learn from their lecturers and fellow students. Cases are discussed, face to face project work is done and networks are built.
The use of Internet, E-mail and other forms of technology have allowed for a wealth of up-to-date information to be available to distance students. Distance learning is no longer about learning in isolation, networks of other students, lecturers and tutors are all available online. This has become an integral part of the education process for distance learning. There are even dedicated forums and chatrooms online for the students to interact and share ideas.
According to the business school, these face to face sessions provides the distance education student with a sense of community.
“The students were excited to be in Windhoek and be able to meet with people they had chatted with online and through e-mails. As for meeting their lecturers, students see this as an opportunity to clarify and discuss those difficult areas of subjects,” said Jacobs.
“Studying through SBS gives me the opportunity to continue working, but now taking a few days to attend the Study Week, really is priceless as it makes me feel like part of an educational and academic community,” he added.

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