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Areva Namibia isolated from global job cuts

Areva Namibia Resources will be spared from any job cutting exercises currently being carried out at Areva operations globally. This was the word given by its spokesperson Signut Smit when she spoke to the Economist this week.

Said Smit, “Areva Resources recently announced that it would be cutting its workforce. We can confirm that the global decision will not affect Areva Resources Namibia. Areva is announcing a reduction in staffing costs of approximately 18% worldwide and 15% in France.”
Areva’s management has initiated negotiations with labour organizations to organize the social dialogue and management of employment and competencies in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Known as the “Triennial Transition Contract for Human Capital and Economic Safeguard of the Group,” the project is part of the competitiveness plan announced on 4 March 2015. The economic situation of the company requires taking immediate cost saving measures of one billion Euros by 2017 Areva announced on its website recently.
“Areva must begin immediately with its competitiveness plan. Whatever may be the options chosen to implement the strategic roadmap and define the financing plan, it is urgent to take the necessary measures to adapt the costs of our business to the reality of its markets. I recognize the efforts that are being asked of employees. This is why I want all decisions to be made in close cooperation with all employees and their representatives. This consultation aims to jointly build the best solutions to maintain our expertise and industrial employment. During this transformation period, safety and security remain, now more than ever, the highest priority for everyone,” said Philippe Knoche, Chief Executive Officer of Areva.

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