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Namgonell strategy for 2012

Namgonell is a Namibian company focused on creating business to business synergies between Angola and Namibia firms. It offers a holistic strategy for the business fraternity both in Namibia and Angola and other companies in the SADC region.
In 2012, Namgonell intends to create a marketing and distribution center in Angola for products and services of companies on its data base. The centre will focus on providing reliable market intelligence, promotion services, product representation, distribution and translation services as well as mediation on bilateral business agreements.
Other services include: development of memorandum of understandings between different stakeholders and enhancing business to business synergies, provision of import and export services, provision of clearance facilities, and facilitation of business visits to Angola.
The new office will establish the desired representation front office for companies that are keen on exporting their products to Angola and creating joint ventures with their Angolan counterparts. It will also help in cutting business costs and creating the desired presence in Angola.
Namgonell says it will be working closely with influential Angolan organisations such as the Industrial association of Angola (AIA), ANIP, the agency that regulates private investment in Angola, the Angolan Chamber of Industry, Business Brokers Services Associados ( BBSA) and Lda./National Business Brokers (NBB) Angola, an international business broker agency which forms part of an international working group that provides customised consulting services, particularly in financial and market analysis, corporate finance, structuring and project development, implementation and supervision of projects, investment, mergers and acquisitions, business ratings and other business brokerage.
“We are inviting companies and governmental institutions that have the same vision for 2012 to team-up with our initiative. The time is opportune for Namibian companies to have a more proactive initiative in the Angolan market,” the company said in a statement.
Businesses willing to advertise in the Angola- Namibia official business/ trade directory 2011 to 2012; the SADC business profile directory 2012 and in the Business Informative Bulletin should contact Namgonell for more detailed information.
Companies that advertise will be featured on both Namgonell’s data base and website free of charge. Contact details: [email protected]; + 264 812374498 or

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