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Comfortable in her skin, sky’s the limit

Miss Youth winners from right Ailly Kanzi 2nd Princesses, Miss Youth 2015 Suoma Nwnyango and the girl of the hour Eva Ndatipo 1st princesses. With Big Brother Hot Shot participant, Permithias Owseb.

This year’s Miss Youth saw Eva Ndatipo a 23 year old ambitious young lady with albinism make history by becoming the first ever young lady to enter a beauty pageant with albinism and grab the title of first princess.

Not only did Ndatipo win as first princess she also grabbed the Miss personality title. Ndatipo said it had always been her dream to be in the modelling industry ever since she was little. She looked up to modelling greats like Michelle Mclean, the former Miss Namibia winner 1991 and Miss Universe 1992.
Despite having big dreams, Ndatipo said her dreams were quickly shattered when she started attending primary school, where she experienced rejection bullying and name calling due to her condition, were the children viewed her as a monster.
Ndatipo said after a numerous number of those ordeals she soon crept into a shell, a world were she sunk into depression that led her to have  very low self esteem.
Her mother took notice of this and started building her up, encouraging her to stop living for other people and to love and embrace her own skin as that is the only thing that separates her and the rest.
“I realised since that day that indeed this is the only skin I have and It will be with me everyday so I had to start embracing it and feeling comfortable in it. And that became my daily routine,” said Ndatipo
The translucent skinned beauty through a friend’s brother enrolled her at Miss Namibia 2013 winner model agency, thus were the journey began.
“I wanted to be the girl that stop people from being stereotype about albinos, we are just like everyone else that have big dreams and ambitions. Society should stop doubting us,” she said.
And indeed, she managed to grab the first princesses title at Miss Youth, a title that she admits she anticipated as she worked really hard for it.
She wants to correct the critics that thought she just won the title out of promoting more girls with albinism to enter beauty pageants. This is not the case Ndatipo sternly said.
Ndatipo is currently studying Media at The College of the Arts not only is she beautiful inside and out, but she is an intellectual as well.
The Economists asked her what drives her and the beauty’s response was that she is hungry for the world  out there and has swept everything away of the past that used to haunt her. She is looking for more  opportunities and responsibilities, since grabbing the first princesses Miss Youth title.
“There is a lot out there for me and I always say believe you can because you are half way there,” she said.

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