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KFC gives hope to children

Thabo Ntseoane, Brand Manager: Africa BLNS Countries, KFC explained to the Economist the reason behind KFC’s Add Hope Initiative and the progress they have made since implementing the initiative in Namibia.

Ntseoane said the Add Hope is a KFC Africa CSI initiative that aims to alleviate poverty in the continent. “This school feeding initiative started in 2011 and KFC Add Hope Namibia intends on adding more schools into the feeding program to make Namibia a better place for children,” said Ntseoane.
“We are currently feeding 2,019 children from, Tobias Hainyeko Primary School, Augeikhas Primary School, Otjomuise Primary School and Olof Palme Primary School,” he said. Ntseoane said that Add Hope’s biggest challenge is that they are unable to reach out to all the children due to limited resources, but they are working tirelessly towards bridging the gap.
He said that they are proud of the increasing number of the children they have helped. Since the initiative started in the country and was officially launched two months ago, figures rose from only 400 children to a massive 2 019 children.
“One of our projects is to enable our customers to support the Add Hope initiative in store, to achieve the goal of making Namibia a better place for Namibian children,” he said. He also told the Economist that KFC South Africa was the first to launch Add Hope, followed by Botswana and now Namibia, and the plan is to launch Add Hope across all the African countries where KFC is available.
Add Hope alleviates poverty through working with local grassroots charities and organisations to close the gap in the number of children living on an empty stomach. KFC believes in the spirit of generosity and making the world a better place for all children, which has inspired the Add Hope initiative.
The Add Hope initiative was inspired by the notion that the world would be a better place if children did not have to worry about where their next meal was coming from and only had to focus on learning and playing.

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