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Craft brewery for Strand Hotel

Brewing in my business: NBL Brew Master, Christian Mueller

Construction of the new Strand Hotel is progressing at a brisk pace. The four-storey structure has already established itself as a beach front landmark, while construction workers scurry around the site to chase the deadline.

Small restaurants just outside the perimeter of the major construction site, continue to offer their delicacies to visitors. At the Mohle, there is a perceptible itch in the air, Swakopmund is ready for its new old hotel.
And to top it all, the new Strand will have its own in-house small craft brewery.
O&L Leisure and Namibia Breweries Limited (NBL), announced that Swakopmund will receive the new brewery, when one of the restaurants,‘Brewer and Butcher’ opens its doors as part of the new Strand Hotel.
Christian Mueller, Brew Master of NBL elaborated and said that the capacity of the craft brewery would entail 500 litres beer per brew, which boils down to an annual capacity of a maximum of 600 Hectolitre.
“To top it all, the microbrewery will be able to produce special beer types such as Märzen, Pilsener and Weissbier. Also various Ales like Pale Ale, Dark Ale, India Pale Ales (IPA’s), and Bitters, and lastly some regional specialties from Germany such as Festbier, Kellerbier, Zwickelbier and Rauchbier,” said Mueller.
The ingredients such as hops and special malt will come from Bavaria in Germany and the beers will once again be brewed according to the German Purity Law of 1516 (Reinheitsgebot) by one dedicated NBL brewer.
Mueller said that worldwide there was a growing trend of people enjoying and experimenting by drinking various craft beers.
“The brew master has the ability to constantly change the flavours. To experience and be part of the brewing process is almost impossible unless you visit a brewery.
“In theory, what we have done is bring the brewery to the people in the middle of a restaurant where food and beverage concepts will be ‘married’ and where people can enjoy the brewing process first hand,” he added.
The beer will be ready for the grand opening later this year which means that the brewer will kick-start the brewing process 4 to 5 weeks before the official opening.
The beer will initially be for on-site consumption only.
“We are extremely excited about the new micro-brewery as it aims to offer something unique and different. Our tried and trusted beers such as Hansa Draught, Windhoek and Tafel Lager will of course also be available for those who stick to one brand.
“We invite all beer lovers to come and responsibly enjoy these new and exciting flavours with us,” said Mueller.

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