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Junior Shooter earns stripes

Following in the footsteps of Namibian shooting greats like Gaby Ahrens and Gielie van Wyk, 15-year old Oliver Hoffmann will represent Namibia at the South African Grand in the ATA division for the first time.

The event is set to take place near Johannesburg from 29 April to 3 May. The ATA Discipline is an entry level discipline and in Namibia it is used mainly to introduce shooters to the sport as well as to teach them the basics before moving them onto the Olympic Trap Discipline.
Furthermore, the Clay Target Shooting Association (CTSA) of Namibia will be sending Hoffmann to a youth training camp in Italy in May, where he will be exposed to some of the best coaches in the world, according to the CTSA. The camp will focus on teaching him the most important skills in shotgun shooting such as technical aspects, psychology and fitness.

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