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‘Amphibian’s hopes pinned on committee’s final decision

The ‘Amphibian’ will have to gun for the wild card as well as the the final decision that lies with the Namibian Paralympic Committee.

Following his return from the South African national championships held a fort night ago in Durban, Gideon Nasilowski, the ‘Amphibion’ returned a disappointed chap as he did not shatter any African records.

Despite that, he is not deterred in his quest to be the best as he managed another b qualifying standard for world championships.
“In the four years that I am swimming for Namibia I am sad to say that this is the first time that I have to return with not a record broken. Although the African records belong to me I always aim to break them and make Namibia proud, because that is what Namibians deserve,” said Nasilowski.
“On the more positive note, I managed another b qualifying standard for world championship and this is my third b qualifier at three consecutive competitions. This result unfortunately is not good enough to guarantee my participation at the world championships, it is only good enough to apply for the wild card and the final decision lies with our NPC (Namibian Paralympic Committee),” he added.
Nonetheless the ‘amphibian’ said he is confident that he will be representing Namibia at the world championships in Scotland for the second time.
“I have a better result this time and there is massive improvement in my technique. I am also happy to announce that at two back to back competitions, the one in Johannesburg (March) and the other now in Durban, I have not been disqualified for the 50 metre breaststroke. Normally I get disqualified for small technical issues but it seems that I am doing the breaststroke perfectly now and I did swim it one second faster in Durban than I did in Johannesburg,” he said.
“I will take out the positives and the good experience I picked up at these games and I will build on that. I am not a stranger to failure and this is a test of character. I was born a fighter and I’ll fight the fight to ensure that disability swimming Namibia will be known to the whole world, I am not a quitter and I will do everything in my power to do my best and uplift the spirit of people with disabilities throughout the country. I have no regret. Every time that I jump into the water I give everything. I am still the African champion and im ranked at number 16 in the World for the 2015 season,” Nasilowski added.
Nasilowski  is also happy that he caught the attention of a good coach in South Africa who is the conditioning coach of many great South African Olympian and Paralympians who offered his assistance and will coach him via email.
Nasilowski then thanked his sponsors, Future Energy for their commitment and sponsorship that will help in his quest to participate in the Paralympic games in Rio 2016. He also thanked Namibia for their support.
“I appreciate it so much. I love to give back to the community and help anywhere I can and if anyone wish to support, come check out the 24-hour cycling for cancer challenge at Food Lovers Market at Metro, I will be doing the challenge on my special bike and for donations anybody can come and do a shift on my trike,” he added.

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