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Youth encouraged to be innovative

The International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences (AIESEC) Namibia hosted the second Youth To Business forum a fortnight ago in Windhoek at the Safari Hotel.

The Youth to Business forum is an event for big businesses and the youth to interact as well as debate on relevant issues that affect the youth and find ammecable solutions to tackle these issues.
The theme for this year’s event was ‘Youth Entrepreneurship, Solution to Unemployment’, as the youth unemployment rate currently stands at of 29.6% according to the labour force survey of 2014.
The focus this year was on how the youth can stretch themselves into being innovating within the entrepreneurial boundary, entrepreneurship and the youth, youth taking ownership of Vision 2030 and youth entrepreneurship as a way of solving socio-economic and environmental challenges.
“Namibia is not unique to the rest of the world with youth unemployment rate so high since the great depression. In order to make it in the business trusting instincts play a very important role in entrepreneurs success. In order to realise vision 2030 the youth should be productive and innovative by building and supporting focused networks around strategic issues with innovative solutions to society social problems,” said Lazarus Nafindi from the Environmental Investment Fund (EIF).
Founder and MD of Go Safe “Eenda Nawa”, Regto Ndemufayo warned entrepreneurs against the careless notion of not needing a good education to be a business owner. He said that the youth should be fearless and bold.
“There is no right time to enter into a business but one must be ready for the challenges, as businesses do have ups and downs,” Ndemufayo said. He added that collaborations with a partner is vital as it is not easy to be in business alone.
Currently a group of these young business minds with the likes of Lazarus Nafidi, CEO Team Namibia, Daisry Mathias, Regto Ndemufayo have made it their mission to continue stimulating entrepreneurship within the Namibian youth to help curb unemployment.

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