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Logistics conference at Sun City

An excellent case study on the Shoprite transformation over the past 20 years will be presented by Industrial Logistic System’ co-founder, Gary Benatar at the upcoming 37th Annual SAPICS conference and exhibition takin place at Sun City from 31 May to 02 June.

The presentation tracks the journey since Shoprite adopted central distribution in 1993 as a key strategy to growth and efficiency for the consumer. “Participants will learn exactly how the strategy was implemented, how it has evolved and matured to allow Shoprite to become the largest retailer in Africa,” said Benatar.
The conference speakers include industry leaders who will speak from real business experience to demonstate how transport, logistics and supply chain management contribute to the bottom line. In some cases, presentations will focus on major turn-around benefits realised after fixing supply chain bottle necks.
For instance, Barnton MD, Thinus Hermann will take participants on a virtual trip to a grocery store, pointing out the insights that can be gleaned there. “There’s lots to learn in every aisle, comparing the behaviour of different pack sizes of the same product, across a range of products,” he said. “And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, I’ll challenge you to dig deeper into sales in the take away industry, which helps us refine forecasting month ends amongst others.”

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