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Entrepreneurs encouraged to be bold in their endeavours

Mr Sylvanie Beukes, Entrepreneur and Author of the book “New Money Master” (middle) and Ilke Platt-Akwene, Senior Marketing & Communications Consultant, Sanlam (middle-right), with the Sanlam Innovation Works Finalist at a group mingle held on Wednesday. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni).

The Sanlam Innovation Works Finalists held a group mingle on Wednesday, where they presented their progress as well as an update on how they used their prize money that they received from Sanlam Namibia.

At the occasion Sylvanie Beukes, Entrepreneur and Author of the book “New Money Masters” was the guest speaker. The finalists shared details on their progress on setting up their businesses, including the challenges they faced and the solutions they came up with.
Beukes encouraged the finalists to go get the money and to make sure that they know their business very well. He said the common challenges that entrepreneurs face are usually a combination of a lack of things like, understanding on where to start, business confidence, skills, tools and financial resources.
He advised the finalists to be consumer based and sell their product before it has been produced. “Do not have a one year goal or a two year goal, have a ten year goal and do not just not just concentrate on Namibia, plan big. We live in a global village now,” he emphasised.
Beukes said the finalists should avoid loans and rather go for bridge financing, to make sure their products are of the best quality and also build a financial track record for their companies. “Close the the deal, do not sleep on your food and sell, sell, sell,” he added. The finalists who presented on the day were, Education Consultancy Services, a company that helps with study methods for the young and old, LEVEL 27 a gaming company, M&O an up cycle décor products and event management company, OMIG a technology systems company and Tses Healthy Herbs, a tradition medicinal herbs company.
The winner of Sanlam Innovation Works will be announce in September 2015 and Sylvanie Beukes also promised the finalist an hours free consultation with him.

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