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TAN chairman best tourguide

From the left, Christo Viljoen, Head of Tourism at FNB Namibia; Kurt Schlenter (Tourist Guide of the Year 2014) , Danica Smith, Tourguide Association of Namibia board member and Emiliano Benolich (runner up).

Concurrent with the overwhelmingly positive reception, the Namibia Tourism Board enjoyed at the World Travel Market Africa conference in Cape Town, local commercial bank, FNB, through its tourism desk, has been instrumental in recognising and awarding excellence in local tourism. Earlier this month, the bank awarded two tourguides for their dedication and professionalism.

Well-known tourguide and former chairman of the Tourguide Association of Namibia (TAN), Kurt Schlenter, received the first-ever Tourist Guide of the Year award. The runner up is Emiliano Benolich.
Christo Viljoen, Head of Tourism at FNB Namibia presented the FNB tourist guide of the year 2014 award, which the bank supported with an amount of N$10,000. The ceremony took place at the 21st anniversary celebration of TAN’.
Said Viljoen: “At FNB Namibia we are well aware of the fact that tourism is one of the strategic pillars of the economy and contributes significantly to the state coffers as well as employment creation. We have been called Africa’s best kept secret and if we want to become and remain competitive in the tourism industry we need to address any challenges and further improve on things we do right already. The Namibian tourism industry must keep on developing new products, activities and attractions, while improving on standards and service levels to keep people coming back for more. That is why we at FNB Namibia support initiatives such as the Tourguide Association as they look after and reward aspects of the tourism industry, namely the tourguides who can make or break the experience of valued visitors.”
The Tourguide Association expressed its appreciation to First National Bank, Gondwana Collection, and all the other sponsors and supporters.

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