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Cricket Namibia conducts coaching clinic in Oranjemund

Cricket Namibia’s Development Officer Steven Berry assists one of the young players

To take Cricket to the next level, Cricket Namibia (CN) hosted a multitude of training programmes that included umpiring courses, coaching level 1 and KWATA courses in Oranjemund over the last weekend.

Steven Berry, Cricket Namibia’s Development Manager, was there to conduct the level 1 course as well as the KWATA cricket for the youngsters, while Wynand Louw, Senior Umpire on the Namibian Umpires panel, conducted the Umpires course.
“Oranjemund has some of the best facilities in Namibia, and will it be fantastic to get cricket up and running there again. It’s such a unique place. Plus, I have heard so many wonderful stories about how brilliant it was for players to go on a tour to Oranjemund back in the day.
The people are some of the friendliest people that you will ever meet, and make you feel right at home,” Berry said.
Berry said, “There are so many people that are really keen to get the towns cricket up and running. There were roughly 50 players between the ages of 7 and 12 years old which is very exciting.
And then the club players managed to have 23 players attending the session, and there was some serious talent there. Players such as Lilo Geiseb, Paul Blaauw and Johan Laubscher certainly have the skill to play very competitive Premier league cricket, as they bowl with aggression and pace, and generate good swing.”
The Oranjemund Cricket Club are very excited about the prospects of their club moving forward and are now planning a cricket social day on 25 May.

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