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Walvis Bay Corridor Group showcases Walvis Bay in Brazil

Second from left is Mr Johny Smith, the chief executive officer of the WBCG together with Elias Mwenyo (orange shirt), Namport’s Manager for Sales and Services and the WBCG’s Business Development Manager for Brazil, Ricardo Latkani (right). They are pictured with some customers at the 21st Intermodal South America in Brazil last week.

The Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG), together with Namport, last week attended the 21st Intermodal South America, which is the second biggest logistics Expo in the world.

Government sponsored initiatives were launched to increase investment in infrastructure and tax incentives were given for faster and more robust economic growth. Brazil’s strong domestic market is less vulnerable to external crisis, and Brazilians are benefiting from stable economic growth, relatively low inflation rates and improvements in social well-being. International companies have as target several segments of the Brazilian economy, particularly oil and gas, biotechnology, tourism and electronic components.
Said the Corridor Group, “Walvis Bay provides the shortest link to connect the massive Brazilian economy to the southern African market, which serves as a very important trade corridor for southern Africa as it is an emerging economic partnership and market. Some of the products currently moving on this trade route via Walvis Bay from Brazil to southern Africa include chicken, meat, furniture, consumables, and construction materials.”
The Intermodal South America expo provided a very important platform for the WBCG to create awareness to over 48,000 visitors and 600 exhibitors from 50 countries that are looking for new logistics solutions between South America and southern Africa, the Corridor Group explained.
According to Lloyd’s List, a worldwide register for international shipping companies, it has confirmed that for two consecutive years in a row, the Port of Walvis Bay has earned the highest hits of all port websites in the world. “The WBCG has set up a branch office in Sao Paulo in 2012 and since then has started to explore and develop the trade route as an alternative for imports and exports between South America and Southern Africa the,” the group said. With a Gross Domestic Product of US$2,245 trillion in 2013, Brazil is the world’s 7th wealthiest economy. It is also the largest country in area and population in Latin America and the Caribbean, with close to 200 million people, and its continuous internal growth is demanding investments in areas such as urban and social development as well as transport infrastructure the Walvis Bay Corridor said as part of its motivation to travel to Brazil.

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