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Hands-on innovation at Demola Workshop

Ville Kairamo, Co-founder and Head of Demola Network, speaking at the Demola Workshop in Windhoek.

The National Commission on Research, Science and Technology (NCRST), in close collaboration with the Southern African Innovation Support program (SAIS), recently held a Demola Workshop in Windhoek.

The Demola workshop is a platform for international collaboration and local hands-on innovation work. It facilitated co-creation projects between businesses, university students and researchers. Demola’s mission is to build an innovation ecosystem by promoting and developing efficient co-creation methods, driving a cultural change towards entrepreneurial thinking and enhancing innovation competences both on individual and organizational levels.
“In Demola, the brightest student talents and forward thinking companies with University researchers co-create solutions, for real-life problems. In three month long projects, teams are able to explore topics and build meaningful demos which explore possibilities or prove that a concept works and can be further developed through internal R&D or within a start-up structure. It is a collaborative process and all participants have a stake in the results of projects. The NCRST, would like to thank SAIS and all participants who attended this workshop. We look forward to the innovation activities that could emanate from this initiative,” said Ms Lovisa Kambonde, Manager of Innovation and Industrial Research at the NCRST.
Currently Demola operates in Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Russia and Mexico. During the workshop we will explore Demola model and real-life examples.
The special focus for discussions is on Demola value-proposition and potential cooperation in the regional context.

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