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No more viva viva politics for Job

Job Amupanda, Youth Activists says that the youth and the poor will not sit still while the elite get richer and richer.

The Economist caught up with Youth Activist, Job Amupanda and posed questions pertaining to his plans for 2015 and predictions for the political scene in the country.

The charismatic youth activist stated that he has left ‘viva viva’ politics and is now more busy with doing community work and helping those in need.
“I have started to concentrate on my community, especially the poor and those victimized by the powerful, and I am also teaching political Science at the University of Namibia,” he said.
Amupanda predicts that the political scene for this year will be interesting, because the elite will be in serious difficulty as the youth now have a sharper eye in the political game and will no longer be sleeping.
“We have a neo-liberal order, those at the centre of economic planning and treasury are themselves neo-liberals believing in a minimalistic state, and therefore I do not think there will be fundamental economic change,” added Job.
He said that Namibian youth will redefine the country and that the struggle kids, if nothing is done, will become more radical and reorganise differently. Amupanda said that it is his quest to bring consciousness and revolutionary morality to the youth.
“I am captivated by a burning desire to orientate and re-orientate the youth in general about the collective interest, knowledge of self and confidence of self,” he said.
Amupanda has also released a statement that states that the Affirmative Repositioning(AP) has been alerted that the powerful have gone back to the drawing board to device the ‘Lethal Strategy’ report similar to the ‘Final Solution’. The Affirmative Repositioning group stated that they are not scared, and that they will still soldier on.
“If the powerful cut our lives short, for speaking truth and standing up for our generation, history will absorb us, our families will bury us proudly and our generation will continue the struggle,” AP said.
The youth group also sent a solidarity message to Rhodes University and the University of Cape Town, on the issue of the Rhodes Statue. The group will continue to fight for the poor and make sure and will make sure that they provide information and inspiration for the youth to fight against all forms of oppression. The Affirmative group have also said that they will speak the truth to power and wage new struggles towards a social justice and economic freedom, with the leadership of Job Amupanda.

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