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Stud bull streamlines dairy producer’s transition from informal to commercial

Jackson Hindjou (right) is congratulated by Wikus van Rhyn of Namibia Dairies on the acquisition of a top quality Frieslanf bull to improve the genetic material of his existing dairy herd. Hindjou is communal dairy producer and owner of Ndjoura fresh milk shop in Okakarara.

Milk production for Ndjoura fresh milk shop in Okakarara will be ramped up after the communal dairy producer was assisted to obtain a stud Friesland bull.

The shop’s owner, Jackson Hindjou celebrated a blessed Easter weekend as he had then just received his new bull. Becoming the owner of this prized animal was made possible with the assistance of Namibia Dairies.
Hindjou is a farmer who, despite the drought in his area, has taken the challenge of dairy farming head-on. “As a farmer and an entrepreneur, despite the impact of climate change to farming in Okakarara and the fact that communal farmers are mostly experiencing a decrease in livestock production and there is thus a lack of frequent milk provision for their household purposes, I am of the opinion that there is an opportunity to add value to this needy community” he said
His motto is “Striving for Service Excellence”. He currently employs three people who sell fresh milk and omaere to the local community.
He said “My gratitude extends to Namibia Dairies as they have donated a fridge to my shop, as well as a bull which has greatly assisted me in getting my business off the ground” adding that many people preferr the taste and high butterfat content of fresh or raw milk and it is therefore the responsibility of communal producers to make raw milk accessible and within reach of all end consumers.
Concerning the challenges he faced, Hindjou mentioned the lack of managerial skill, a lack of trained staff, and an inadequate infrastructure to ensure and maintain the quality of raw milk.
Other challenges include the poor rural infrastructure, inefficient transportation of raw milk as well as lack of cooling facilities in order to ensure that milk is chilled within 2 to 4 hours after milking.

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