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Citroën C4 Cactus wins big in NY

The funky Citroën C4 Cactus may lead to the revival of an old French marque.

A marque which only older Namibians will remember, Citroën, has just put itself back on the map by winning the 2015 World Car Design of the Year award at the New York International Motor Show.

Citroën was once a popular French car, noted and remembered mostly for the Citroën Palast, the first mass-produced sedan that reflected a serious concern with aerodynamics. Its appeals as a classic was revived in the hit TV series, the Mentalist, where the protagonist, Patrick Jane, proudly transports himself in a 30-year old Citroën Palast.
Yet Citroën remained around and is marketed in southern Africa by Peugeot Citroën South Africa.
The jury of the “World Car of the Year” competition rewards the car that stood out in the course of the year, thanks to a design that challenges the established codes and embodies a bold and innovative style. With its audacious stylistic statements and a design that optimally reconciles the attractive and the functional, the C4 Cactus succeeded in winning the most votes. This international award recognizes the creativity and the courage of Citroën’s designs.
Alexandre Malval, Citroën’s Style Director, had the honour of receiving the “2015 World Car Design of the Year” award for C4 Cactus at the New York International Motor Show. Each year, the “World Car of the Year” jury awards this prize to the new car with the most innovative design that challenges the conventional codes. C4 Cactus is a cool, optimistic and original car, with a unique personality, that offers a genuine alternative to conventional saloons. C4 Cactus is designed to reconcile practicality and a cool look.
The Citroën C4 Cactus has joined a list of illustrious prize-winners, which in recent years has included the BMW i3, the Jaguar F-Type, the Range Rover Evoque and the Aston Martin Rapide. And this was not Citroën’s first success in the 11 year-old “World Car of the Year” competition. In 2006, the C4 Coupé won the Design prize, and the brand has already figured amongst the finalists on four occasions.
This major prize is the latest in a series of more than 30 international awards claimed by C4 Cactus since its launch in 2014.

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