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DYKO plays at HPS

Australian German Pop star, DYKO visited the Hoehere Privatschule in Windhoek recently as part of his worldwide tour to present educational plays for students.

Australian-German Electro-Pop musician DYKO entertained learners from nine Windhoek schools recently in the auditorium of the Deutsche Hoehere Privatschule with his captivating show.

DYKO, whose actual name is John Barrie Dyke, has lived in Germany since the early 90s and sees himself as an ambassador of German language and culture. The Goethe Institute had enlisted him to play several shows for German students all around the world. Inspired by Kraftwerk, David Bowie and New Wave, DYKO mixes simple texts and electronic music with impressions of everyday life in Germany. His music is accompanied by video installations running in the background, which depict the 70s and 80s in Germany – scenes of the autobahn, a swimming pool with artificial waves or Lufthansa aircraft. Towards the end of his DHPS concert some of the learners joined him on stage and the musician even took some time to answer questions from the audience, for instance about his role models and his first impressions of Namibia.
“Heroes” were one of the central themes of the concert – Thus DYKO did a German version of David Bowie’s and Brian Eno’s song “Heroes”. The young spectators were asked to write down the names of their personal heroes when leaving the auditorium and among the most frequently mentioned names were Nelson Mandela, Founding president Sam Nujoma, or just the learners’ own parents.

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